“Nothing less than an anthem to human nature, to imagination, and to the wonder of a compelling story told by a wondrous storyteller.”


December 2 - 19, 2021


Written By Tom Mula

Directed by Margaret M. Ledford


Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol is, of course, spun off from Charles Dickens’  A Christmas Carol, only now the redemption story focuses not on mean, old Ebenezer Scrooge but on his long-dead business partner and chains-rattling ghost, Jacob Marley. Playwright Tom Mula adapted this holiday favorite from his own novella, and the show features a single actor relating the story of Marley, Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmases

Past, Present and Future.


A longtime playwright, actor and director, Mula says he was inspired to write the show after overhearing a child complain, “Marley got a raw deal!” during a production of  A Christmas Carol in Chicago. In Mula’s version of the story, Marley, accompanied by a wicked sprite named Bogle, emerges from the Great Beyond to save Scrooge from a fate similar to his own and, in the process, possibly break free of his chains

and an eternity of torment.


Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol has been staged at theaters across the country and broadcast on NPR.  The Chicago Tribune calls it “an inspired and moving story that makes all that old stuff

about ghosts and graves seem both immediate and revelatory.”