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Emerging Artists

The City Theatre Emerging Artists Program is a unique, paid opportunity designed to uplift emerging artists in the theatre industry by equipping them with a diverse set of skills to ensure they're well prepared to pursue a sustainable career in various aspects of theatre.


Participants will receive hands-on experience in acting and production, guided by experienced professionals. Whether just starting out or aiming to transition into a new aspect of theatre, this program is tailored for individuals ready to take their skills to the next level.


Through the Emerging Artists Program, participants actively engage in the Summer Shorts festival, assisting in key production roles stage management, working as run crew, assisting in scenic and props creation, and supporting costume design. They also gain practical acting experience through understudy roles and performances in select plays. The environment of Summer Shorts also fosters networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with industry professionals and join South Florida's vibrant theatre community.


For questions or inquiries, please visit our website or contact Ariana Castillo, Community Programs Coordinator, at

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